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Iconic Texas Names for Girls

Unfortunately none of my children will have the privilege of being born in the great state of Texas due to the transitory nature of military life. As a way to represent our Texas home, I’m working on making the middle names of our kids Texas-themed.

Boys names are easy. But when it came to finding a girl’s name that was iconically Texas, my list came up short. All searches for Texas girl names mostly come up with typical Southern names, which I still love, but I wanted something with ACTUAL Texas roots. Luckily, I have access to a large group of ladies who feel as much Texas pride as I do and shared their ideas and real-life examples of Texas names.

So, here we go! Starting with the names that ring most iconic to Texas…



(Alternatives/nicknames: Texann, Ann) This name would absolutely be the most literal way to be named after Texas. “Ann” can be also be a way to represent former governor, Ann Richards.


(Alternatives/nicknames: Bonnie) Texas’ most iconic flower. Getting a picture of baby Bluebonnet (or any Texas baby for that matter) in a field of Bluebonnets is mandatory.

Texas Bluebonnet


(Alternatives/nicknames: Lady Bird, Birdie, Lady) Ladybird is the wife of the 36th president, Lyndon B. Johnson. In her role as First Lady, she was instrumental in the Highway Beautification Act, so we have her to thank for our scenic views of wildflowers on Texas highways during the spring.


(Alternatives/nicknames: Belle) Bluebell ice cream is typically the dessert of choice for many Texans. Also one of the many wildflowers you can find in Texas.


One of the more feminine names for a major city in Texas.


Another of the more feminine names for a major city in Texas.


This is one of the better-known, unique names for a Texas city that is also feminine. Caution: people may think that you’re saying “Kimberly.”


Another well-known Texas city near Dallas. Probably made more popular for girls thanks to Judy Garland.


(Alternatives/nicknames: Celina) Probably the most iconic figure in Tejano music. Texans are not lax about their pride in Selena. Note: the alternative spelling in bold is also a city in Texas.


(Alternatives/nicknames: Christie, Kristy) Corpus Christi is the home of Selena and a popular beach destination for many Texans during the summer months and Spring Break.


Unisex name. Home of the Dallas Cowboys, Texas Rangers and Dallas Mavericks. Lots of sports pride in this name.


(Alternatives/nicknames: Austen, Austyn) The alternate spellings tend to make this typically masculine name more feminine. It’s the capital of Texas, named for Stephen F. Austin, the “Father of Texas.”


I wouldn’t have put this down, except that it actually came up on Nameberry as a female name during my search for other Texas names. Best known as a moniker for students/fans of Texas A&M.


Unisex name. University located in Waco, TX. Could cause some trouble with friends and family whose loyalty lies with any of the other major Texas schools.


One of the major rivers that runs through Texas.


(Alternatives/nicknames: Lupe) Another river in Texas. This one is better known for one of Texas’ favorite pastimes: tubing.


I would not have thought to add this name if it weren’t for the fact that someone mentioned knowing that a girl was actually named after this river in Texas.


With this name people may assume you meant to say “Martha.” It’s a well-known town for attracting artists and especially for the Prada Marfa sculpture/exhibit.


For former head coach of the Dallas Cowboys, Tom Landry. This would be a more subtle nod to “America’s Team.”


(Alternatives/nicknames: Maggie) This is becoming an iconic Texas name thanks to the beloved Waco couple on Fixer Upper. Also a Texas town and flower.

The Silos at Magnolia Market


(Alternatives/nicknames: Jo, JoJo, Anna) Again, inspired by Fixer Upper, Joanna Gaines has become a Texas icon.


(Alternatives/nicknames: Mac) Could be used as a unisex name. Known for McKinney Falls State Park and McKinney, TX


The name of a Texas town AND county, but could also be used in reference to Kay Bailey Hutchison, former U.S. Senator.


(Alternatives/nicknames: Ana) A feminine play on of San Antonio


(Alternatives/nicknames: Jackie) A feminine play on San Jacinto. The Battle of San Jacinto is where Santa Anna surrendered and paved the way for Texas to become a Republic. “Remember the Alamo!” was the battle’s rallying cry.


(Alternatives/nicknames: Angelina, Belle, Eberly) Angelina Belle Eberly was the woman responsible for preventing the secret removal of archives from Austin, thereby keeping it as the capital. A statue in front of the Capitol building commemorates her role in Texas History.

Angelina Belle Eberly


(Alternatives/nicknames: Angie, Angel) See above. Also could be named for the Angelina River near Nacogdoches.


Although this is more commonly attributed to the the deep south, we do lay claim to the Dixie Chicks.


A reference to the state’s nickname: “The Lone Star State.”


Named for the Texas Mountain Laurel, a fragrant hard-to-miss tree with purple flowers.

Texas Mountain Laurel


Texas Lantana is another one of the many breeds of wildflowers you’ll find throughout Texas.

Texas Lantana


Very common name, but pays homage to yet another iconic flower, the yellow rose of Texas.


Yeah, it’s a little more common and probably brings to mind another state, but Texans who are fans of George Strait or George Bush might like this option.

The following are other more common girls names that are Texas towns or cities that aren’t highly specific to Texas (in my opinion) . I’ve hyperlinked them to their Wikipedia pages so you can learn how they have Texas roots:


Some of my own personal biases probably shaped how I created this list. Texas is big and I probably overlooked names that you have strong connections to based on where you’re from, so PLEASE make any additions in the comments below!



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3 replies on “Iconic Texas Names for Girls”

Marfa: And the Marfa Lights!!
Additional: Lonestar
Favorites: Ladybird, Texanne, Odessa, Magnolia, and depending on the first name…. Angelina, Belle or Eberly. 🙂
And your baby in the bluebonnets is very handsome.


Adina for Adina De Zavala, granddaughter of the first Vice President of the Republic of Texas, preserver of the Alamo Long Barracks, and creator of the Texas Historical Landmarks Association.
Clara for Clara Driscoll, preservationist and philanthropist, “Savior of the Alamo” who averted the destruction of the Alamo from developers in 1905, created Laguna Gloria below Mt. Bonnell on Lake Austin, and helped shape Texas politics in the first half of the 20th Century.
Caro for intrepid journalist Caro Crawford Brown who won the 1955 Pulitzer Prize for Journalism for her work to take down corrupt South Texas political boss George Parr. A reporter for the Alice Daily Echo, Caro covered Parr after a fellow reporter was murdered while investigating the Parr family. She carried a pistol after being warned by the Texas Rangers that her life too was in danger. Even though she worked tirelessly to break Parr’s patronage system, Caro showed her grit by standing between Parr and a Texas Ranger who she believed was going to attack Parr on the courthouse steps.
Bess or Bessie for Bess Coleman, the daughter of a Cherokee father and African American mother who was the first black woman and Native American woman aviator in the US. Since no one in the US would teach a woman, or an African American, to fly, she traveled to France during WWI to secure her license. She introduced many to the exciting and new world of aviation as an exhibition pilot performing at air shows in Chicago.


My sister is named Whitney after the small town of Whitney, Texas and the beautiful lake Whitney. My dads relatives are from there. Thank you for the list!


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