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In keeping with the Joneses, Claire and I will be using acronyms in several of our posts. Since it may be only our moms reading this blog, I put together a list of frequently used MBAs (mom blog acronyms) so they will not be confused.

Acronym – definition

AP – attachment parenting; a child rearing philosophy

BC – before children

BF – breastfeed

BFN – big fat negative (pregnancy test)

BFP – big fat positive (pregnancy test)

BIL – brother-in-law

BLW – baby-led weaning

BM – breast milk

BRB – be right back

BTDT – been there, done that

BTW – by the way

CC – controlled crying; a method of sleep training for infants

CIO – cry it out; a method of sleep training for infants

CWIM – see what I mean

CS or C/S – cesarean section

DC – dear child

DD – dear daughter

DF – dear fiancée

DH – dear husband

DP – dear partner

DS – dear son

DTD – do the deed

DuH – dumb husband

DW – dear wife

EBF – exclusively breastfeeding

EBM – expressed breast milk

EDD – estimated due date, or expected date of delivery

EN – extended nursing

FF – formula feeding

FIL – father-in-law

FT – full time

FTM – first time mom

FTR – for the record

FWIW – for what it’s worth

FYI – for your information

GF – gluten free

HTH – hope this helps

IMHO – in my humble opinion

IMO – in my opinion

IRL – in real life

ITA – I totally agree

IUI – intrauterine insemination

IVF – in vitro fertilization

JK or J/K – just kidding

JMHO – just my humble opinion, or just my honest opinion

KWIM – know what I mean

L&D – labor and delivery

LO – little one

LOL – laughing out loud

MBAs – mom blog acronyms

MC or M/C – miscarriage

MIL – mother-in-law

ML – maternity leave

MLM – multilevel marketing

MoFoGro – mom focus group

MM – mother’s milk

MS or M/S -morning sickness

MYOB – mind your own business

NIP – nursing in public

NMS – not my style

NMSAA – not my style at all

NP – no problem

OH – other half

OMG – oh my gosh, or oh my god

OT – off topic

OWT – old wives tale

PG – pregnant, or pregnancy

PPD – postpartum depression

ROFL – rolling on floor laughing

SAHD – stay-at-home dad

SAHM – stay-at-home mom

SAHP – stay-at-home parent

SIL – sister-in-law

SO – significant other

TIA – thanks in advance

TMI – too much information

TTC – trying to conceive

US or U/S – ultrasound

WAH – work at home

WHO – work out of the home

WM – working mom

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