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Claire and Mallory met during their respective journeys as milspouses. After a well-deserved night of drinking, they realized they would be on a journey together forever:

They were fast friends and before they knew it they were entering motherhood. Getting a glimpse into the world of mommy bloggers gave Mallory and Claire a lot of fodder for their sardonic, text-based comedy routines.

The irony of starting their own mediocre mom blog is not lost on them. Hopefully Two and Three Quarters might connect other moms who can appreciate their view on life however serious or funny it may be at times.

Two and Three Quarters?
You know how when you’re trying to enforce some semblance of discipline and you start to count to THREE. Well, you get to TWO and when it becomes clear that your kid isn’t going to get there in time, you cut her a little slack and add, “TWO-AND-A-HALF, TWO-AND-THREE-QUARTERS.” Well, let’s be honest, you’re really cutting yourself a little slack too. So, we like to think of this blog as that little bit of slack we all need every once in awhile.