8 Delusions I Have About Having a Second Child

I’m pregnant with my second child due early next year and I’ve been convincing myself of all the reasons a second child is going to be awesome. Hey, a little bit of naivete can go a long way…

(Note: If there were a sarcastic font, the rest of this post would be written in it…)

1. I need a second child to give me something new to do

Things with my first child are easier now and they’re pretty much only going to get easier. My son is growing more independent and doesn’t need me as much. It’s time to add a little challenge to parenting!

2. Childbirth: been there, done that

I think I know what to expect from childbirth by now, so no preparation is really necessary. Consider me an expert. There’s no way giving birth could throw any curve balls this time around.

3.  My son is going to be the best, sweetest, most helpful big brother

My toddler already likes to follow me around to “help.” By the time baby comes, he’s going to be great at following instructions to help mommy and baby have an easy time. He is also already so sweet to the babies he sees every once in awhile, just imagine how great he’ll be with an infant 24/7! 😍

4. Creating a second kid is basically creating your firstborn’s BFF

I’m certain that this is the perfect age difference for siblings. They’re going to grow up with a close bond and be the best playmates for each other. They’re going to have so much in common and so I can anticipate jealousy and fighting to be at a minimum. Getting along is basically a guarantee.

5. My toddler is going to handle change in-stride

I admit there’s a lot of changes he’s going to have make in order to accommodate a new baby – potty training, new bed, staying quiet when baby is asleep, letting mom hold and feed baby, keeping his small objects and food away from baby and (since we’re moving) a completely new house. Sure, it sounds like a lot, but he’s growing up so fast and is going to love his new responsibilities and “big kid” stuff. These changes should come naturally to him, so I don’t think he’ll resist them at all.

6. A toddler’s behavior only gets better from here

My son is only growing more comfortable with boundaries and learning to behave. He’s leaving all the baby stuff and tantrums behind. We’re on the up and up!

7. A first born already taught me everything I need to know for a new baby

My firstborn has already showed me what it’s like to take care of a newborn. I can pretty much expect the exact same things from a new baby and now that I’ve learned from my mistakes, it’s going to be easier this time. I know exactly how I can expect to establish sleep routines, approach weaning, introduce solids, etc.

8. A new baby will fold seamlessly into our routines

We already have a pretty good rhythm established to our days, but there’s enough wiggle room that fitting a new baby into what we already do shouldn’t be too difficult. Really, I just need to add babywearing to everything I already do and it’ll be fine. It’ll be fun to have a new kid to join us on our adventures!

Y’all. I’ve got this down. If you need me, I’ll just be writing a book based on my expert opinion on parenting while my two kids nap simultaneously!


By Claire

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