The Southwest Nursery Theme of Your Dreams

Is it possible to be a fan of a new mom? (Some may even call it a mom crush). Well, I’m a fan of new mom, Kayla and after this post I think you will be too!

Meet Kayla. Her maternity photo shoot is actually like a sneak peek into her nursery theme. “I rented the dress from MamaBump rentals and we took the pictures in Balboa Park Cactus Gardens. The head piece was made by my cousin!”

Seeing as my nursery decor is still just sitting on the nightstand and also lacks originality (woodland creatures w/ random lurking jungle creatures) it doesn’t take much to make me ooh and ahh over anyone’s nursery. But, oh man, am I swooning over Kayla’s nursery! So much care and detail went into the overall creation that I could feasibly make this a series of blog posts about her nursery, but that might be bordering on obsessive.

I just love that her inspiration was drawn from just one of the many adventures she’s had with her husband. In her own words, here is what inspired her to go with a cactus and teepee themed nursery:

As we were PCSing [that’s military speak for “moving”] across the entire country, I absolutely fell in love with all the teepees, cacti, and charm of the old Highway Route 66. I accidentally found ourselves lost in the Saguaro National park full tall cacti outside of Tucson, AZ and the cactus accidentally snuck it’s way into the nursery theme! We knew we were waiting to find out if we were having a boy or girl so we wanted to go with something neutral. Shopping with my mom one day at Target we found a Cactus Pillow and it all started from there. All the furniture is pre-loved or re-purposed and my mom and I either made or added finishing touches to almost everything. The nursery has been a work in progress but I hope James loves it one day just as much as I do!


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Now that you have a good idea of the design direction in which we’re headed, here’s a glimpse at the nursery for their brand new little boy:



When I asked Kayla where she got her nursery things, it turns out she DIY’d most of it and found lots of odds and ends in various places. So let’s dive into some of the details and some of Kayla’s commentary, so that you too can begin to recreate this room.

“The frame, cacti, and  Himalayan salt lamp are all from T.J. Maxx. This nightstand was made by my husband’s dad, then my mom and I repainted it with chalk paint!  I found the old books at Wimberley trades days in Texas. “
“This is my husband’s old dresser that my mom and I repainted.  I found the cactus pulls at Hobby Lobby but they were solid white. I painted them black and then went over with white to kind a give them the same look as the old handles on the dresser. 
 My mom hand colored the F.
 The two cactus are from Target but I hand detailed the small one!”
Kayla and her mom handmade the mobile pieces and ordered the actual mobile from Amazon.  The wall decal is also from Amazon. Kayla’s mom also made the sheet, dust ruffle and blanket. Most of the fabric is just from Hobby Lobby. 
“I handmade the canvases from some blank canvases that I already had on hand.  I just googled ‘cactus images’ and free handed it!”
The teepee is from Target (Kayla says it’s excellent for hiding things!). She made the string cactus art piece and added a gray color to the top drawing on the wall.  She also made the dream catcher with some things she happened to have on hand.
Another view of the nursery where you can see more chalk painted furniture. My favorite, though, is how well the pictures here from her trip and maternity shoot go in the room.

As if we weren’t big fans of Target, Amazon and T.J. Maxx already! I just love how everything came together for this nursery and now whenever I see a cactus print or decor I immediately think of Kayla.

If you want to see more of Kayla’s creations checkout her Instagram @beesweetbakeshopandsuch.

How about you? Is there an experience or unique thing that you would turn into a nursery? Tell us in the comments!


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