A Poem from my Husband

Have you ever just needed a compliment? Specifically from your spouse or loved one?

I like to think that I do not need to be complimented. I feel confident in everything that I do and rarely need to be reassured. If you know my husband, then you know he is not one to compliment anyone or anything very easily unless it is his beloved cat. When he does feel that a compliment is warranted (which is extremely rare), the receiver should accept it with a grain of salt. For instance, many years ago when we were dating and I was training for an ultramarathon he exclaimed one day that my thighs looked like those of a tyrannosaurus rex!! In his mind, he thought this was the nicest thing he could have ever said to me. I was mortified. This guy that I love thinks I look like a dinosaur!! WTF? No one has ever mistaken a dinosaur for being beautiful. I think I may have even cried at the time until he explained that he thought my legs were strong and muscular and that it was meant as the ultimate compliment.

The other day I was starting to feel a little down about myself, mostly because I am ginormous and have trouble waddling around. I am nearing the end of this pregnancy and all my favorite things are starting to happen: sleepless nights, constant heartburn, and swelling ankles. I’m definitely not glowing, that is just sweat from walking up the stairs. I have been emotional and feel very unattractive so I asked my husband to say something nice about me and the way I look. I should have known better because he told me I resemble an old-timey circus strong man. I immediately knew this was not due to being muscular because I have already pointed out that I have trouble waddling around. He explained that my body shape and maternity leggings could get me a job in the circus. Who did I marry?

circus strongman

This is how my husband sees me…minus the muscles and mustache.

He really has a way with words though and I really do wish I could be as creative as him. He gave me permission to share this poem he wrote me last week. I guess we are meant to be together because this poem did, in fact, make me feel better and in a weird way, beautiful.

To Uplift My Pregnant Wife

There is power in the womb

My wife told me as much

With a great big BOOM!

Though I think her pregnancy is a crutch

I keep trying to compliment

Only to find her rebuff

She always has a dissent

I’ve had about enough

But your legs are so strong

Her hair tosses from disdain

Am I so wrong?

Is this so insane?

I think a T-Rex is mighty

A comparison not to shame

Your emotions are so flighty

An insult was not the aim

The circus strong man

Is someone to look up to

It was not my plan

To enrage you

While the shape of a frog

Is not the standard of beauty

This compliment is not to dog

I’m really saying “you cutie”

Your great big belly

Has opened my eyes

For the first time really

I’m into pregnant chicks’ thighs

Let this poem come

To your tender ear

And forgive me some

I love you dear.


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