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Laundry Day

I hate doing laundry! I don’t actually know a single person who likes to do laundry. I’m the worst at letting it pile up. When I do get around to finally washing it, I absolutely avoid folding it at all costs. Sometimes our clean laundry will sit in buckets for a week or longer. Every morning we dump the clean laundry on the bed, pick out what we need for the day, and pretend like we will get around to folding it later. Usually, right before bed we are scraping the clothes back into the bucket and saving it for another day. This goes on for several days until I just can’t take it anymore or when the cat gets too much fur on the clothes and I can no longer consider them clean. Then I give in and fold the dreaded laundry, which is much more of a chore these days than it should be. 

My LO insists on “helping” by grabbing unfolded clothes and even folded ones then scattering them around the room for me to find later. I have to be quick at folding and putting the clothes in the drawer. I refuse to iron any clothes with her around. She loves pulling on stuff and I’m afraid she will pull the hot iron down on herself. Unfortunately I can’t get away with never ironing since I leave the clothes wadded up in buckets all week and my husband has to look half way decent when he goes to work. I found a miracle solution, Downy Wrinkle Releaser Plus; and every mom should run to Target right now or put it in their Amazon cart. Downy Wrinkle Releaser Plus is the new iron, and will save a dramatic amount of time for you. All you need to do is spray the fabric, let them dry for a few minutes, and it will be sleek and smooth! Check out these before and after photos.

This product is great for clothes, crafts, table settings, the options are endless! I even like to use it on “dry clean only” clothes to freshen them up. Case in point: I’ve been asking my husband for weeks if his dress blues need dry cleaning before the Birthday Ball and he says they are fine and must have been cleaned after the last one. The day before the Ball I finally go and check them for myself and can immediately tell they have not been cleaned. There is a faint smell of deodorant and cigars. Well it’s absolutely too late to take them to the cleaners so I sprayed them down with Downy and they smell and look good as new!

Claire says: “Thanks to Downy Wrinkle Releaser Plus, I may never have to use my iron again! When I first got a bottle, I immediately had a use for it when my husband, unbeknownst to me, washed my good clothes and left them wrinkled in the dryer. Spraying my clothes was such a quick easy fix to refresh my clothes! I also have to admit that the fabric for my sewing projects always end up sitting crammed in a drawer somewhere for longer than I intend. So, when I get back to my next project, I can already save time by avoiding the whole ironing ritual.”

Neither, Claire nor Mallory, is sponsored or endorsed by Downy. We are just fans of easy solutions to tedious chores.


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I feel your pain! I actually used to enjoy laundry but now…. We do cloth diapers and of course the baby is easily capable of ruining 3 outfits a day so I feel like our washer is on constantly (even though I only do diaper laundry every 4-5 days and I am totally not above doing the sniff test and deciding that something can be reworn as long as it’s not *covered* in spitup). Folding and putting away is where the bottleneck occurs for me too…between maternity clothes I haven’t put away yet (my baby is six months old…..) to work clothes that haven’t made it into deep storage for the year to Ohio having 4 seasons in one week, my closet and dresser are overflowing so sometimes I just pick out of the clean hamper all week! I want one of those robot clothes racks they have at the dry cleaners.

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