REVIEW: The Book of Kringle

I know it’s too early for some of you to start thinking about Christmas, I can even hear your cries: C’mon Claire, we haven’t even made it to Halloween yet!  Well, I’m ready! I love Christmas and everything about it. I even decided to put on my Electronic Holiday radio station on Pandora to write this.

As parents of only one toddler, we are only in the very early stages of establishing our Christmas traditions. One of the things on my mind is how we will begin to explain the idea of Santa Claus to our young son and the rest of our children. The Book of Kringle – Legend of the North Pole by Derek Velez Partridge with Mary Packard will prove to be a very good tool for this when Christmastime comes.

The Book of Kringle tells the story of how Elves of the North Pole, with the help of Kris Kringle, overtook the harsh rule of a greedy king. It shows the power of kindness at Christmastime and warns of the dangers of being greedy.


I can see the book working in two very important ways for our family: 1) It provides an origin story that helps preserve the magic of Christmas and gives us a good reference point for Santa Claus. 2) Above the idea of gift-giving, it establishes kindness as being the true spirit of Christmas. So, perhaps, we can read the book every year to talk about ways we can show kindness and gratitude to others that doesn’t necessarily require buying things.

There’s even a separate coloring book that accompanies the book that would be a good way to engage younger children in the story.

I found the story to be charming and exactly the kind of book you’d want to make a staple at Christmastime to set the right tone for the season.

What books do you like to read to your kids during the Christmas season?

I received a sample of this book in exchange for my honest opinions on this blog. 



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