Claire’s Favorite Things: Internet Edition

There’s a lot I absolutely hate about the internet, but there are several things I really dig. No, it won’t be like Oprah’s Favorite Things, but here’s my favorite internet memes of one of her episodes:



And here’s the rest:

SciBabe – she is the antidote to the Food Babe. The Food Babe isn’t my favorite person, but she is my LEAST favorite person. I stumbled across SciBabe (Yvette d’Entremont) when she wrote a scathing takedown of The Food Babe right around the time I was having a particularly frustrating time watching people share her posts about how scary chemicals in our food are without taking into account a lot of things about science and moderation. Food Babe’s success rides on your fear of anything she doesn’t endorse. I follow SciBabe on Facebook for a healthy dose of skepticism and to learn a little about science along the way. Her page actually led me to the next page on this list…

Nurse Loves Farmer – Introduced via SciBabe, I “liked” the Nurse Loves Farmer page to feed my growing appreciation of agriculture and I stay engaged for her recipes and tales of motherhood. At the very least, I recommend following her on Pinterest so you have more delicious things  to pin (which you may or may not get around to actually trying).

Lucie’s List– Getting recommendations from moms about baby products can leave you even more overwhelmed with choices than you were before. That is why Lucie’s List is always my first stop for answers. Consider it your Baby Gear Bible. This mom reviews several popular items in just about every category of baby gear/products you can imagine and in every price range. By far, the most comprehensive guide you’ll find on baby gear and takes the guess work out of sorting through recommendations from friends.

The Oatmeal – Hilarious sometimes crass comics about almost anything. His comics about running are especially fun if that’s something you like to do. Here I am running in his annual “Beat The Blerch” marathon (although I ran the 10K).


a• mai•thing –  This is a special a shout out to the creative mind behind our logo who also happens to be a fellow milspouse, Mai. I like following Mai’s blog about design, photography and creative work because it reminds me of the times I got to have an opinion on visual design/branding during my (very short) career in PR. After following her blog and thoughts, I knew I could trust Mai to create a great design that was on-brand and I knew she would be professional about it. I highly recommend checking her out, especially if you need any insight on design.


I’ll try to keep these short and sweet.

This American Life – This is the first podcast I started listening to. If you’d like to start out, I recommend these recent episodes about the refugee camps in Greece.

Radiolab – A science podcast. I think I was originally introduced by The Oatmeal’s love of mantis shrimp.  My mom hates “talk radio” and it didn’t take long to convince her to let us listen to this show on a roadtrip. If I had known about this show in high school, I probably would have been more engaged in actually learning science.

Doug Loves Movies – This is a weekly trivia show where comedian, Doug Benson, hosts several other comedians/actors to play a few rounds of movie trivia. You don’t have to love movies, just comedy. I’ve been introduced to a bevy of comics to follow through this podcast.

Nerdist Podcast – If you watch The Walking Dead, you’ll recognize Chris Hardwick from the Talking Dead. The Nerdist has an impressive amount of interviews with A-list celebrities as well as fascinating lesser-known guests. Each episode is around an hour (more if they just keep talking) and is some really fun insight into the world of Hollywood, comedy and life in general.

Gilmore Guys – This recommendation only applies if you’re a fan of Gilmore Girls. When I became a mom, this podcast gave me the gift of being able to relive every episode without needing to find the rare dedicated amount of time to watch the show again. I could just listen sporadically as I worked around the house. I’ve already watched every episode 5 times, so in-depth audio analysis has taken me to a new level in the fandom.

And that, in a nutshell, is how I waste my time on the internet.



By Claire

Runs: Half-marathons at most. Prefers relays.
Mom to: 3 boys - no more, no less.
Wine: I'll take a cab.

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