Simple Halloween Snakes

I just love the beginning of Fall! It’s the kick-start to a season filled with creating and baking. Although, sometimes, the crafting and creating can get a little too advanced for the small hands and limited attention span of my toddler son. Luckily, FamilyFun Magazine sent us a variety of fun crafts to do with kids and I chose one to share with you that is practically fool-proof!


Slithering Stairs

These are sssssssso easy the kids will want to snake-ify every room.


  • 12 x 12-inch scrapbook paper
  • Pointy object like a blunt pencil or ballpoint pen
  • Adhesive jewels
  • Removable mounting adhesive


  1. Place the paper facedown on a padded surface (like a folded newspaper).
  2. Use the pointy object to press a long, curvy line into the paper from one end to the other.
  3. Cut out the snake, leaving about 1⁄2 inch on either side of the line; taper one end for the tail and cut a wide triangle on the other for the head.
  4. Flip the paper over and pinch along the scored line; the snake will start to curve.
  5. Add adhesive red jewels for eyes.
  6. Attach snakes to the wall with removable adhesive.


First of all, my son was instantly interested in the snakes. Paper crafts like this lend themselves to being decorated with whatever you have on hand. My son went straight to his markers.

After we had cut out more snakes, I pulled out my big ol’ bag of sequins for eyes. He wanted to decorate the whole snake in sequins which was a great activity for honing fine motor skills. I dotted the snakes with glue and he put a sequin on each spot. He was so proud of himself.


We don’t have stairs, so we just added them to our growing wall of Halloween art.

The next morning, my son wanted to make more snakes! I call this one a definite success! Hope you enjoy it as well!


By Claire

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