**GIVEAWAY** DIY Soy Candle Kit

I’m not sure where I fall in terms of level of craftiness, but it’s definitely far below Martha Stewart and somewhere slightly above Casual Pinterest User. With enough motivation, I can usually throw together a decent craft. Candle-making, however, has always seemed like something far from my reach–daunting even.

When Labor of Love Co. approached us with one of their DIY candle kits, I was immediately interested. Here’s how it went:

First of all, everything comes neatly wrapped in a cute package. I chose the “Apple Harvest” scent because what better fragrance is there to try with fall on the horizon?


I wanted to make sure I could attempt this activity with enough time to account for any mess-ups or confusion on my part. I waited for LO to go to bed for the night and chose a night where the chores I had left were minimal. I was surprised that the whole process took me 25 minutes tops!

Here’s how easy it was to set-up. (The only things I used from my own supplies was a pot, glass bowl and pouring cup.)


The fact that you already have exactly enough wax and fragrance in these kits makes it practically foolproof. I didn’t have to worry about measuring out too little or too much of each “ingredient.” It was easy as: pour, melt, mix, pour.

I did get a little anxious when it came to pouring the hot wax. I was so worried about it, I forgot to add the oil before pouring out half a cup of wax. But I just as easily poured the wax back and mixed it all together properly. And yes, I did spill some (my measuring cup doesn’t have the best pouring spout), but it was easy to clean and now my counter smells amazing!

You can barely tell that I did a sloppy pouring job here.

In the end it was much quicker and easier to do than I thought it would be and I ended up with these beautiful finished products:


I have a toddler, so this isn’t a craft I’d recommend doing with children so young, especially if they have a tendency to be underfoot constantly. This can be a good activity to do with older kids who can understand the necessary caution of working with hot liquid.

Now that I know how it’s done, I feel I could get more adventurous in the realm of candle-making. And if candle-making isn’t your thing, you could try one of Labor of Love Co.’s other DIY kits.

So, wanna try it for yourself for FREE? Well, we’re doing a lil giveaway on our Facebook page and Instagram. Check us out in those places to see how to win your own Labor of Love Co. candle kit.

Disclaimer: I received a sample of this product in exchange for my honest review on this blog.


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